What to expect from a treatment

What to expect from a treatment

Patients receive a thorough medical history on the first consultation to establish an understanding of whole body health. This is followed by an examination of the body to help form a diagnosis for the condition. The examination includes postural assessment, neurological examination (if applicable) and orthopaedic tests. Fresh towels are provided for draping at all times during the consultation. Treatment can include a mixture of soft tissue massage and stretching techniques, articulation techniques for the spine and joints, muscle energy techniques, exercise prescription, and manipulation.

Osteopathic treatments are adapted to the requirements and preferences of the individual patient.

A referral is not needed, unless you wish to consult an osteopath under Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care Program. If you suffer from chronic pain, your GP can refer you to an Osteopath for up to five treatments each year.

Initial consultations take from 30 to 40 minutes, with subsequent treatments being at lesat 30 minutes.

A referral is not needed.

Workcover, TAC and Veteran’s Affairs patients are welcome.