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Temporary Closure Thornbury Village Osteopathic Clinic

28 March 2020 Temporary Closure Thornbury Village Osteopathic Clinic until after Easter, Tuesday14/04/20. ter much discussion we have decided to temporarily close our clinic until after Easter, Tuesday 14/04/20 when we will review the situation. All our practitioners and staff are healthy however we have decided to close, to ensure the health of our community. You can continue to book online for dates after Easter. Some limited osteopathic service will be provided for return patients who are: Frontline health/community workers involved in the provision of services. Patients who are in acute pain and who would otherwise seek a hospital appointment. Please call the clinic if you are in this group. We will keep you notified of any other changes to our clinic hours. Keep safe and thank you for all your support. The team at Thornbury Village Osteopathic Clinic Bruce, Jeff, Ramsay, Ella and Sian. Local, experienced & caring Thornbury Village Osteopathy ...
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